City of Sunray Services

City Utilities (Natural Gas, Water, Sewer, Sanitation)
Electricity - Provided by Xcel Energy 1 800 895-4999
Cable Television - Provided by Cable One, 806 935-6487 or
Telephone - Provided by Windstream, 877 520-5220

Citizens' Convenience Station (Dump ground)
Approximately 1 mile west of Sunray on FM 281

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday - 11:00 am to 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Saturday - 10:00 am to 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Sunday - closed

Waste must be separated by type, such as wood, metal, concrete, tree limbs and appliances. A fee must be paid to dispose of tires and roof shingles. A used-oil collection site is available free of charge.


The Sunray Recycling Center at 2nd Street and Ave J is schedule to open to the public March 8th. Residents can deposit materials at their convenience in drop chutes at the building. Items to be accepted are:

  • Aluminum beverage cans – rinsed clean
  • #1 Plastic – (drink bottles) rinsed clean, no lids
  • #2 Colored Plastic (shampoo, detergent bottles) – rinsed clean, no lids
  • #2 Natural Plastic (milk jugs, tea jugs) – rinsed clean, no lids
  • Steel food cans – rinsed clean, labels and lids ok
  • Office paper – white and colored paper, letters, envelopes, mail, copies, etc
  • Magazines – including slick, glossy brochures, must be clean and dry
  • Newspaper – must be clean and dry
  • Corrugated cardboard – must be clean, no chipboard (shoe boxes, cereal boxes, etc)

In addition to the drop-off center, the City will be placing blue cardboard dumpsters at targeted businesses and collecting the material to be processed at the Center.

Community Park Pavilion

reservation/rental - $25.00/day


Texas State law requires most individuals to contact a statewide notification center at least 2 working days before most projects involving excavation. The law defines excavation as “work at least 16” deep using power equipment”. The City of Sunray operates utility lines inside and outside the city limits. The City is also required to comply with this regulation including line repairs and service taps on city-owned utility lines. If you need to excavate in the Sunray area, please help us protect you, your employees and our facilities by calling a notification center. The new, toll-free number to reach a notification center is 8-1-1.

If you have any questions concerning excavation work in the Sunray area, please contact us at 948-4111.